5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Car Organized

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Your car is like an extension of your personality. If you keep it nice and tidy, then that reflects on who you are. You don’t want anyone to see a messy car, so in case you need help in organizing its contents, here are a five tips to help you out.

1. Clear out your car

Before you do any organizing, the first thing you must do is declutter. A great rule of thumb when looking at your car’s contents is to think, “Have I used it in the past year?” This goes for that expired pack of baby wipes you keep in the glove box, or the empty water bottles in the back seat cup holders. Of course, this does not apply to any items related to vehicle safety and maintenance. Once you’ve finally thrown out the trash, that’s when you can begin successfully sorting out your stuff.

2. Categorize

Now that you’ve finally cleaned up your car, the next step is to segregate your items. A great way to do so is to put them into travel pouches. Organize a travel pouch for first-aid supplies, for small snacks, books, and even emergency items like flashlights and umbrellas. This way, you won’t have to rummage through a heap of items just to find band-aids or spare batteries.

3. Add storage

If you find that your car is lacking in storage space, you can always add a few places where you can store your things. Among the more widely-used options include hanging shoe organizers for the back of the passenger seat where you can place things like the remote control for the DVD player, snacks for the kids, or the tissue box.

4. Know where to put your trash

Every car needs a place for trash. It’s always a good idea to have a designated area for your empty wrappers or used facial tissues and whatnot. A common hack for this is lining a cereal-storage container with a plastic bag, or you can repurpose an old, reusable cup as a small garbage can that can fit into your cup holder.

5. Organize your trunk

Your trunk is the biggest storage space in your car, so it can be a tempting to keep a lot of loose items there. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can organize your trunk. For example, you can buy storage nets that easily attach on the grocery hooks in your trunk. This also helps keep things from rolling around. Another way is to put items in shoe containers or baskets to make it easier to stow away extra blankets and pillows, umbrellas, or emergency repair kits.

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