Adopt a very good pupper in Best Friend Forever, out now

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Best Friend Forever, the visual novel and heartwarming dog adoption game, has been let off its leash and is now out in the world for everyone to play. Starcolt's pet sim lets you befriend, adopt, and train some very good puppers in a world where everyone is dog-obsessed. As someone who still hasn't managed to convince their landlord to have pets in the house, Best Friend Forever is a welcome pick-me-up.

Best Friend Forever isn't only an adoption simulator, it also doubles as a dating sim where you can meet and woo the charming human residents of Rainbow Bay. You get to know the characters, ask them out on dates, and completely lose your cool over their cute puppy companions who are always by their side.

I played a couple of hours of the Best Friend Forever demo during the Steam Game Festival earlier this year, and it was as wholesome as I hoped it would be. You can even play with your puppy when you're meant to be concentrating on a conversation. It's just sitting there in the corner of the screen, waiting to be fussed over. There were plenty of times where I had to stop in the middle of a chat to give my adorable pup a head scratch or two—priorities. 

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I'm looking forward to playing the whole game now that it's out, and the free demo is still available on the Steam page if you want to give it a try.

If you're up for more puppy power, there are plenty of games that you should be keeping an eye on. Pupperazzi was announced in the recent Wholesome Games showcase and has you play as a puppy photographer; there's To The Rescue, which puts you in charge of an adorable dog shelter; and Forever Ago, where you play as an old man who seeks redemption on the road with his trusty dog companion. 

All these games have yet to be released, but if you want dog-based shenanigans right now I've got just the thing: Pet the Pup at the Party on is a frantic race through the endless corridors and rooms of an awkward house party to find a very good dog and pet it. Highly relatable stuff. 

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