AFTERMARKET: 12V 3-Ton Electric Powered Car Jack

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Car jacks are designed to do one thing: to elevate your vehicle. But if you’ve ever replaced a flat tire, you know how huge of a hassle operating these tools can be. That’s because most of the car jacks out there are hydraulic. More often than not, these things raise vehicles at a snail’s pace, and when you’re done using them, you’ve likely grown your biceps an inch or two. This is all fine if you’re in need of a workout, but not when you’re in a hurry or looking to stay away from anything that could ruin your perfectly-sculpted ‘dad bod.’

The good news is that changing your flat tire no longer has to be so work-intensive. Electric car jacks make lifting up your car faster, easier and more convenient than before. Even more good news, these devices are very much affordable, and you can purchase them without even leaving the comfort of home.

The 12V Lighter Powered Electric Car Jack [3 TON] plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and is available at Lazada at just PHP4,899. With a weight capacity of three tons, even if you own a pickup truck or SUV, lifting it will be a cinch. Likewise, operating this electric car jack is as easy as connecting the plug to your cigarette charger and pressing a button.

Cigarette outlet doesn’t work? No problem. This scissor-type jack comes with clips that you can attach to the battery directly.

Product details of 12V Lighter Powered Electric Car Jack [3 TON]

  • Capacity: 3 tons
  • Type: Scissor lift
  • Wrench Voltage: 12v[DC]
  • Lifting Range: 12-45cm (4.7-17.7 Inch)
  • Wrench Input Power: 100w
  • Wrench Max. Torque: 480 Nm
  • Material: Aluminium-steel
  • Features: Adjustable
  • Primary Color: Yellow

With the potential to save you both time and money in the long-run, the 12V Lighter Powered Electric Car Jack [3 TON] is a worthy investment. Shop for it today.

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