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Summer is fast approaching, which means you’ll soon be using your car’s AC more to keep yourself cool and get some relief from the heat while on the road. Unfortunately, turning up the blower and lowering the temperature puts more stress on your engine and battery, resulting in higher fuel consumption rates, and possibly, a shorter battery lifespan.

If you want to keep your cabin at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or energy, you might want to look into bladeless vehicle fans, such as the one manufactured by Dub Project.

The Dub Project Bladeless Vehicle Fan is a lightweight car accessory that’s small enough to be placed anywhere inside your car without occupying much space. It doesn’t have any visible blades, so it’s safe to put beside your curious little ones. No more grumbling passengers asking you to direct the AC louvers at them.

Below are the Dub Project Bladeless Vehicle Fan‘s list of features:

  • Pure copper motor
  • Portable and easy to carry, good looking
  • Big air flow
  • Low energy consumption, low noise
  • With cigarette lighter plug
  • With high efficient cage fan
  • Speed selection
  • Multi-angle
  • Easy to use

Quite simply, there doesn’t appear to be any disadvantages with adding a Dub Project Bladeless Vehicle Fan into your list of travel must-haves. You may purchase the this nifty product at Blade PH for just PHP749.75.


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