AFTERMARKET: Xado Black Edition Synthetic Oils

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A well-maintained engine makes for a good vehicle. However, age, together with wear-and-tear plus bad driving habits can subject your car’s engine to friction. This can cause some of its parts to get damaged in the process.

How synthetic oils help

Synthetic oils help lubricate your engine to help lessen friction. Xado Chemical Concern Philippines has recently introduced its newest synthetic oils that contain its popular “Revitalizant” formula that helps smoothen an engine’s surface.

The Black Edition formula, which forms part of the Xado Atomic Oil line-up, has a “Revitalization Factor” that binds ceramic nano particles and metal shavings to the engine to make surfaces exposed to friction smoother. It contains the best synthetic base oil together with a sliding agent and additive called EXPAO.

“:Xado Revitalizant, made up of a ceramic-metal alloy, are incorporated in the Xado Atomic oils to address metal imperfection that is the very issue of friction. It can be said then that this can be the only lubricant in the world that restores compression and maintains it for the longest possible,” said Marlo Colimbo, president of Xado PH.

Aside from reversing metal wear, the Xado Black Edition oil also improves engine power and acceleration, lessens fuel consumption, decreases carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions. The result: it makes your vehicle’s engine last longer.

You can learn more about Xado products sold in the Philippines by visiting or  

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