AI: The Somnium Files Game’s Trailer Reveals July Release

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Spike Chunsoft began streaming a new trailer for Kōtarō Uchikoshi's new game AI: The Somnium Files on Thursday. The video reveals the game's worldwide July 25 release for the PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Spike Chunsoft also revealed the game's "Special Agent Edition," which will include an acrylic stand, original box art, an art book, a soundtrack, and fan stickers.

Spike Chunsoft describes the game:

One rainy night in November, a woman's body is found at an abandoned theme park, mounted on a merry-go-round horse. She had been stabbed repeatedly, and her left eye was gouged out.

Kaname Date of the Metropolitan Police Department arrives on the scene. He recognizes the woman. Suddenly, he hears a noise from inside the merry-go-round.

He breaks into the merry-go-round's central column to find a young girl. And in her
hands, she grips a bloody ice pick…

The game will be a visual novel set in modern-day Tokyo, but with some technology advancements. Players play the role of Kamane Date, a detective tracking down a serial killer performing bizarre murders.

Key to the design of Date is his artificial left eye, differently colored from his right eye, which contains an AI that helps him solve crimes. A key feature of the game will be Date's ability to delve into the memories of suspects and key witnesses, exploring places called "Somnium" (Latin for "dream").

Another key character in the game is Iris Sagan, an 18-year-old high school girl with pink hair. She is a YouTuber content creator who makes Let's Play videos (videos of a person playing through a game).

Uchikoshi co-wrote KID's Infinity visual novel series, including Never 7, Ever 17, and Remember 11. He debuted as a director in Spike Chunsoft's Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, the first of the company's Zero Escape series, which includes Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma. He also penned the scripts for the Punch Line anime, as well as its PS4/PS Vita game adaptation.

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