Aksys Games to Release NG Horror Game in October

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Aksys Games announced at its Anime Expo panel on Friday that it will release Experience's Spirit Hunter: NG (Volume II) game in the West for the PlayStation 4, Switch, PlayStation Vita, and PC in October. The game will have a physical release on the PS4 and Switch, and digital downloads only for the PS Vita and PC versions.

Aksys Games also announced that it will release Wright Flyer Studios' Fishing Star World Tour (TsuriSuta World Tour) game with a physical release in September (the game debuted digitally on January 31), and its release of Lentera's 2D side-scrolling Ghost Parade game is slated for November on the PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Aksys Games describes Spirit Hunter: NG (Volume II):

NG is the second entry in the new Spirit Hunter series, and the companion story to last year's award-winning sound novel, Death Mark. NG follows the story of a young man on a life-threatening quest to discover who—or what—is responsible for the disappearance of his little sister. To save her, our protagonist must team up with shady characters, face down spirits of legend, and make difficult decisions that can greatly alter the outcome of the game. Can you save your sister and stop evil from destroying all that you hold dear? Or will you find yourself just another victim of an angry spirit?

The game is the second game in Experience's Sprit Hunter series of games. The game launched on the PlayStation Vita in Japan last September, and shipped for the PS4 in Japan on February 21.

Experience shipped Spirit Hunter: Death Mark (Volume I) for PS Vita in June 2017, and then launched a PS4 version in January 2018. The game's Nintendo Switch version launched in June 2018. The game inspired a manga and a novel.

Aksys Games released the game in English last October for the PS4, PS Vita, and Switch. The game has shipped more than 100,000 copies worldwide.

Source: Aksys Games' Anime Expo panel

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-07-05/aksys-games-to-release-ng-horror-game-in-october/.148676


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