Am I normal?

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Dear Dra Holmes,
Am I normal? Even as a child, I have been more inclined to deviant erotic practices. I would tie myself up and feel excited about it. I started masturbating at around 9 and would think of being dominated/humiliated in sexual ways. I tried to find partners on online video chatting sites as a minor.

I am now in my early 20s and am an avid practitioner of BDSM. I have always been inclined to kink and what I believe are classified as deviant sexual behaviours. I got into a relationship with a man with whom I further explored BDSM and kink with. I taught him eve­rything I wanted from a sexual partner. We had amazing sex, but our romantic life was highly toxic. We were emotionally and psychologically abusive to each other and we have ended our relationship since. However, we have been having sex in secret because we don’t want our friends and family knowing that we are still in contact. It scares me that the kind of sex we have been having has so much sway over me in the sense that I cannot forgo it despite how toxic we are for each other.

I don’t know if anyone else will accept my finding pain and humi­liation pleasurable. Yet these sex practices are important to me. Am I normal? MARIBEL
Dear Maribel:
Maraming salamat sa sulat mo. OO, ikaw ay normal kahit alam ko na marami ay hindi sasang-ayon sa aking sinabi. TO BE CONTINUED…
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