An Incurable Case of Love’s Maki Enjōji Launches New Manga Series in June

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The May issue of Shogakukan's Petit Comic magazine revealed on Monday that Maki Enjōji will start a new series in the July issue on June 8.

Enjōji also published the one-shot manga "Ore-sama no Ki mo Shiranaide" (She Doesn't Even Notice How Great I Am; seen right) in the May issue. The 44-page manga has color pages.

The romantic comedy one-shot manga's story centers on an overly self-confident man named Saeki. He looks perfect on the outside, and has a successful career, but his personality is regrettable. He falls in love at first sight with a woman who works at a ramen shop. However, the woman seems to be interested in nothing except ramen.

Viz Media released all 10 volumes of Enjōji's Happy Marriage!? manga series in North America, as well as both volumes of Enjōji's SP Baby manga. Happy Marriage!? inspired a live-action series in 2016.

Viz Media recently licensed Enjōji's An Incurable Case of Love (Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko made mo) manga. The company will release the first volume in October. Enjōji launched the manga in Shogakukan's Petit Comic magazine in February 2016 and ended the series on January 8. Shogakukan published the manga's seventh and final compiled book volume on March 8.

Sources: Petit Comic May issue, Petit Comic's website

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