Andi sumeksi ulit dahil kay Philmar

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Muling nag-share ng video si Andi Eigenmann ng progress ng kanyang post-pregnancy body. Simula noong ipinanganak ang second baby niyang si Lilo noong July 2019, hindi tumigil si Andi sa kanyang goal na muling bumalik ang dati niyang figure.

Hindi rin nahihiya si Andi na mag-post ng unfiltered photos ng kanyang before and after full body photos. Malaking tulong daw ang kanyang partner na si Philmar Alipayo sa pag-reach niya ng kanyang goal sa pamamagitan ng isang active lifestyle.

“I just work out, I swim, I do yoga, I exercise, and hones­tly I haven’t been telling Philmar any of that. Para when he sees me, he’s proud ‘di ba?

“Honestly, every time I am lazy or every time I just lay down and watch Netflix, I hear his voice in my hand. Find a man who motivates you to not be lazy to go after your goals. Seriously guys, I did not expect that he will be so helpful even we’re so far apart.

“I am now 125 pounds; that is for your information. I only lost 10 pounds since November. 125 pounds was my weight before I got pregnant, but then I was a size 2. Now I am size 4 which is honestly my size forever. That’s my average size.

“I still have a bulge. This is because I have diastasis recti or abdo­minal separation.

“Nothing is bouncing because I already lost the fat in the region already. But it is still there because I am not ­working on it enough.
“I hope to get back to a size 2, but I am not gonna force myself to do that. My goal is to just look my best, and feel my best, become my fittest.”

Nagdesisyon na si Andi this year na magbalik showbiz. May naka-lineup na siyang gagawin na mga pelikula, pero priority pa rin niya ang kanyang dalawang anak na sina Ellie at Lilo. (Ruel Mendoza)

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