Android Auto Gets More User-Friendly Features

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Here’s good news to those who use Android Auto inside their vehicles: Google has recently announced an upgrade that promises a more powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile app for drivers.

The smartphone-powered infotainment system, which offers better design, now comes with a ‘Default Dark Mode’ version for a more dramatic effect on the screen.

Still, most of the modifications are made to enhance comfort and convenience.

MSN reported that Google modified the navigation bar so it doesn’t require a lot of taps when choosing apps from the interface. What’s more, users don’t need to go to a separate screen when they view turn-by-turn directions on their mobile phone.

Another key feature they added is when listening to music. Now, the last song a user is listening to in his phone doesn’t have to stop playing when he plugs it in Android Auto–it will continue to play the last song the user is listening to. It will even pop up the navigation app immediately when the user plugs it in and starts the car.

Another great modification made is to customize the amount of information visible on the screen depending on its size. So the bigger the display screen, the more information is found on the screen.

MSN reported that the updates will take effect later this year, between June and August.

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