Audi Introduces Newest Commercial for Audi E-Tron Featuring Maise Williams

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Audi will once again delight American football fans with a musically-inspired, 60-second commercial. Featuring actor Maisie Williams, the “Let It Go” ad will drive the all-new Audi e-tron Sportback to promote Audi’s global brand campaign about their long-term goal to shape a new era of sustainable mobility. The commercial was directed by Francois Rousselet.

The commercial opens up to the scene with climate change advocate Williams getting inside her Audi E-tron Sportback vehicle. While stuck in traffic, she was fully aware of the hustle and bustle from the traffic, all the while singing the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen soundtrack.

The usual “getting stuck in traffic”, which symbolized consumption, success, and status, seemed to be stressing Williams out. The next scene showed the actress deciding to make a U-turn, instead, choosing the path of sustainability and “letting go” of what everyone else is doing.

The commercial also showed fellow drivers, pedestrians, and others joining in the singing, choosing to follow the same path that Williams was taking.

According to Audi, the commercial represented the brand’s efforts to make way for a new era of sustainable mobility. In many ways, the entire journey is a metaphor for “how the decision to make more sustainable choices takes all of us doing our part”.

The commercial was recorded by Williams at the well-known Abbey Road Studios in London. It’s a defiant, bold song, one that shows how the process of transformation starts by letting go of the old and making space for something new.

“The biggest night in American football, and one of the last truly live global television events, serves as the perfect moment to share our strategic path toward sustainable premium mobility with a worldwide audience,” said Sven Schuwirth, Head of Brand Audi, Digital Business and Customer Experience.

“Maisie Williams is the perfect representative of how consumers are increasingly choosing, and advocating for, transportation options that are more sustainable. As a creative innovator, she perfectly embodies millions of peoples’ desires to make the transition to an electric future.”

“Creating a sustainable, livable future for generations to come is the world’s most important challenge. I’m proud to share Audi’s vision for sustainable mobility in this global brand campaign,” said actor Masie Williams.

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