Bandai’s Luminary Tears Candy Toys’ Anime Shorts Get TV Airing

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Bandai announced that the short anime for its Luminary Tears (Mahō no Lumitear) children's candy toys will air within the Oha-Suta ("Good Morning Star") children's television program every Friday beginning on April 9. The airing will air all 10 episodes. Bandai streamed all 10 episodes of the anime on March 28.

The franchise centers on Petal Tear, Syuna Tear, and Proro Tear, who were all born from the guardian stars. The three gather the star droplets and play together. One day, when they wish on the star droplets, they receive the Lumitear Wands, which allow them to make the star droplets sparkle.

The anime's cast includes Honami as Petal Tear, Hauzki Ogino as Syuna Tear, Rumi Okubo as Proro Tear, Reina Ueda as Noir Tear, Emiri Katō as Rabil, and Amane Makino as the Narrator.

Tsuyuri Namiki designed the characters, and Saori Yamada and Saori Chida are credited for planning and the original work. Yū Ueno directed the anime at ODDJOB, and Yūji Kobayashi (Sailor Moon Crystal) penned the scripts. ReeeznD, Hironori Ōhashi, Megumi Takamori, Inumoto, Yūsuke Morishita, and Tatsuya Imai are credited as key animators. Natsuki Yoshida is credited for the opening movie. YUPPA composed the music, and Yūta Abe handled sound effects.

Sources: Luminary Tears official website, MoCa News

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