Black Ops 4 DLC maps are free for the weekend

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Every Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 DLC map is free to play this weekend, if you're yet to shell out for the season pass. Elevation, Madagascar, Casino and Lockup will all be available for a test fight across all platforms. 

Unfortunately, this also serves as a reminder that it's 2019 and publishers like Activision are still splitting their games' communities by charging an additional £40/$50 to be able to get access to all the maps. 12 will be released eventually, but only four have appeared so far. 

If you want to check out what $50 will currently get you (there's more beyond maps, but only the maps are free this weekend), you'll be able to take them for a spin today at 10 am PT. The event will end at the same time on March 18. For the occasion, you'll get a x2 bump in XP, merits and tier progression. 

Next week, the Shamrock & Awe seasonal event will be kicking off on PC, too. It's already out on PS4. Expect shamrock, pots of gold, dancing leprechauns and green-eyed zombies. If you're Irish, maybe take the event off? Just for your sanity. 

Check out the event patch notes here

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