Bokura no Nanokakan Sensō Novel Inspires Manga

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The April issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Gene magazine revealed on Friday that Osamu Sōda's Bokura no Nanokakan Sensō (Our Seven-Day War) novel is getting a manga adaptation in the magazine starting with its May issue on April 15. Sasaki Aoko (Jingai CP Catalogue.) is drawing the manga.

Kadokawa confirmed last June the earlier reports that the novel is inspiring an anime project. The project will be an anime film that will premiere this year.

The mystery story and social satire begins on the day before summer vacation, when every boy in a first-year class of a downtown Tokyo middle school disappears. Was it some accident? A mass kidnapping? Actually, the boys holed themselves up in an abandoned factory on the riverbed. With support from the schoolgirls, the boys start a revolution against the adults from this "liberation zone."

Kadokawa Shoten published the novel in April 1985, and the novel inspired a live-action film starring Rie Miyazawa in 1988. The novel also spawned a series of print sequels and spinoffs that has sold over 170 million copies and has added new volumes as recently as last year.

Sources: Monthly Comic Gene, Comic Natalie

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