Bomber Crew is getting a sci-fi sequel: Space Crew

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VIDEO: Space Crew announcement trailer from the Future Games Show, also on YouTube

Bomber Crew is a tough and extremely fun strategy flight sim—a bit like FTL set in World War II. It was a near-instant hit, and developer Runner Duck said back in 2017 that they planned on making another game.

Well, climb out of your battered old airplane and put on a space suit, because Bomber Crew is getting a sequel and it's set far in the future. Get ready for Space Crew.

At the Future Games Show, the Space Crew announcement trailer went "full Abrams" with the lens flares and showed off the same cartoony energy as the original game, but in a sci-fi setting. Once again you'll have to manage a crew and stave off disaster, this time trying to keep your spaceship in one piece as you battle aliens across the galaxy.

Space Crew will blast off this September on Steam.

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