Borderlands 3 teased in this ‘Mask of Mayhem’ trailer

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Gearbox has released a teaser trailer for a new Borderlands game today, which it is noticeably not calling Borderlands 3, even though we can probably speculate that's what it is. It doesn't give much away, though, does it? There's a lot of familiar faces, however, trapped in the titular Mask of Mayhem. 

Dubstep aside, it's a bit like the Black Sails intro. Now, I'm not saying Borderlands 3, or whatever this is, will be full of pirates and nautical adventures, but I certainly wouldn't complain. 

What it actually is will be revealed at the Gearbox PAX East panel livestream tomorrow, March 28, at 11 am PT/6 pm GMT. Gearbox teased the date earlier this month, so we've been expecting a Borderlands 3 announcement. 

In the meantime, what do you lot want from a new Borderlands? There's still a whole day to speculate and throw your wild ideas into the comments.

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