Brutal Fate is an entire game by the creator of Brutal Doom

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The creator of Brutal Doom is developing a game called Brutal Fate, a "fast-paced ultra-violent retro first-person shooter." (Or, as some of us are calling them these days, a Boomer Shooter.) Anyway, Brutal Doom is an impressive mod that lots of people like, including us, so it's kind of exciting to see the creator take off on their own. Brutal Fate is a game where—stop me if you've heard this one—a space marine kills a bojillion interdimensional demons using a large variety of deadly weapons. Brutal Fate will have a free demo available before release.

The game will be built around large levels with non-linear layouts, using no procedural generation. The locations are built for believability, says designer Marcos Abenante, not "faux-retro arena level design." Since your character is higher rank, you'll be able to find and command your fellow marines: "Your character's rank as a Staff Sergeant isn't only for show. Find any survivors of this disastrous operation and they will follow you. And they have an acceptable AI that will actually follow your commands, won't block your movement, and will actually kill enemies for you."

Announced during 3D Realms' Deep Realms livestream, Brutal Fate will come to Steam Early Access this coming January and the listing is already up. Brutal Fate is actually built in the GZDoom engine, and promises to be highly moddable—and it probably won't surprise you to learn that there's already a big community that knows how to mod GZDoom.   

You can learn more on the Brutal Fate Steam page, or follow the official Twitter account and the developer's Twitter account for updates. 

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