Cartoon Network websites hacked, meme videos replace toons – report

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MANILA, Philippines – At least 16 regional websites for Cartoon Network were hacked and defaced, ZDNet reported on Wednesday, May 1, US time.

ZDNet said the regional sites include those in the United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, the Africa region, and the Arabic region.

The hackers said they were able to access the Cartoon Network Asia and Pacific regional website, but this wasn’t confirmed by user reports unlike the others.

The defacement involved the placement of videos of Arabic memes and videos showing the Brazilian male stripper known as Ricardo Milos, who has recently been a viral meme.

Two Brazilian hackers were said to be the cyber-vandals responsible, but ZDNet said it would not name them as “most hackers want media attention,” and it did not “wish to encourage similar behavior.”

The hackers said they were able to vandalize the website by using a vulnerability to get into the website management platform of Cartoon Network. Once inside, they switched up the video files. So instead of showing cartoons, the website played, among others, videos of memes and Milos.

The hack happened on April 25, but it wasn’t until April 28 when it was removed after the channel was notified of the breach.

“Our teams are working hard to relaunch the sites and video players at the earliest opportunity, while ensuring the protection of our audiences," a spokesperson for Turner, the channel’s parent company, told ZDNet. –

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