Caste Heaven Boys Love Smartphone Game Launches

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The smartphone game of Chise Ogawa's Caste Heaven boys love manga launched in Japan on April 23. The love simulation game by 1080lab is available for the Ameba game platform. Players are receiving various in-game rewards after the game earned more than 100,000 pre-registrations.

The game's story revolves around a "caste game," in which cards determine the students' rankings. Envy and desire around the differences in social status lead to dramatic relationships of love and hate. There are several routes in the game, each with multiple endings. The routes are "Kōhei × Yūya," "Natsuki × Atsumu," and "Yōichirō × Kamo." The manga's original creator Ogawa is supervising the scenarios and is also writing an original scenario.

Caste Heaven launched in Libre Publishing's Magazine BE × BOY magazine in March 2014. Libre Publishing released the first compiled book volume in June 2015 and published the fourth compiled book volume in September 2018.

Source: Caste Heaven game's website via Nijimen

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