Cherry Pie’s advice to those who have a hard time forgiving

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I was so moved by ABS-CBN’s docu, “Radical Love.” It was about Cherry Pie Picache forgiving Michael Flores—the killer of her mom—five years after the tragedy. She even visited the murderer in prison, gave him food and a rosary.

Their reconciliation moment beat the dramatic scenes in all of Pie’s movies combined.

The seasoned actress has been with the CBCP-ECPPC (Episcopal Commission on Prison Pastoral Care) for 15 years. She started with children in conflict with the law. So forgiving Michael was all the more tough, because it was a test of practicing what she preached.

Not too many people have a heart as selfless as Pie’s. If only she could be cloned. The world would be a more peaceful place, if there were more genuinely kind humans like her. The multiawarded actress more than deserves a medal and a trophy for her kindness, as well.

Here’s my chat with Pie:

What prompted you to forgive your mom’s killer? When this kind of storm hits your life, I think anyone would need something or someone to cling to. In my case, it was my God. The first question I asked Him was, “Grabe naman, para malaman mo kung gaano kita kamahal?” And you’ll pray like you’ve never prayed before. It’s when I was praying the Our Father that hit me … “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” Oo nga naman, how can I ask for forgiveness if I can’t forgive?

What advice from your mom do you follow till now? My mom was a cool mom. She would let us make our own decisions and choices … She would just always say “Buntot mo, hila mo.” You always have to be responsible, and be able to stand by your decisions.

What’s your advice to those who have a hard time forgiving those who wronged them? Take your time. Everything has its own process. It’s OK to feel pain and anger. Pray. Nothing beats that. And amidst the pain and anger, don’t lose sight of what you are grateful for and the recognition that everything is a gift.

How do you handle it when you have a scene with a ham actor? (laughs) ’Pag mabait, tutulungan ko, will share an advice or two… ’pag mayabang, eh di ikaw na.

What do you think should be done to make the local movie scene boom again? Oh, I think it is booming with all the different platforms that are available and accessible now. Filmmakers and creators have so much opportunity, especially with the range of available technology.

Box office is a different thing. Too many factors. To begin with, we don’t have a global market, taxes, cost.

What are you most proud of? My 17-year old son, Nio. As a mother, I’m not a perfect one, though I try and give my all for my son.

Tell us a bit about your son’s tennis career. Nio is now ranked 422 in the world. ITF Junior Circuit. It’s not easy to achieve that. Too much blood, sweat and tears. It’s sad because he was already in the top 300 … Because of a wrist injury he recently had in one of his tournaments in Taipei, he had to pull out from five tournaments, which caused the decline in ranking.

How are you preparing yourself for an “empty nest” when Nio leaves to study abroad? Trying not to think about it. I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared. (laughs)

How are you handling midlife crisis? Celebrating and accepting it with open arms. I think it’s more liberating that way. Kesa ma-stress ako worrying and trying to stop what is inevitable. As long as the spirit and the heart feel young and choose to be happy, then all is fine.

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for love? A lot and I ain’t done yet. (laughs)

If your life story would be made into a movie, what would its title be and who would portray you? Haven’t given it much thought. If ever, I would pick Dimples Romana to play me.

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