CryoFall is a 200-player sci-fi survival game

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Rebuilding civilisation is a bit easier when you've got a couple hundred mates to help you get the ball rolling. In CryoFall, you're one of up to 200 survivors stranded on an alien world, and while you'll start by desperately scrounging up resources to keep going for just another day, eventually you'll be able to construct farms, advanced technology and cities. It's hitting Early Access next month, and you can check out the teaser trailer above. 

There's a bit of a multiplayer Rimworld vibe, which I'm definitely into. As well as the usual survival stuff—crafting, farming, working your way through a tech tree—you'll also need to make alliances and sweet talk other crash survivors into helping you out. You might need their help to take down enemies, or maybe build the planet's economy by trading with each other and minting coins.

Developer AtomicTorch posted a handy feature overview on Steam that breaks down some of the big systems that will help to keep you alive. You'll be able to embark on quests, specialise your character with skills in different categories— including combat, industrial and personal—claim land for yourself and create your own custom maps.

The core of the game is almost complete, says the developer, so the Early Access phase will be focused on "content and new features" based on player feedback. Expect lots of updates, with major ones happening roughly every month. It should take around 12 months. 

CryoFall launches on Early Access on April 11.

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