D3 Publisher, Felistella Reveal Maglam Lord PS4, Switch Action RPG

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D3 Publisher and developer Felistella (Summon Night 5, Azur Lane: Crosswave) announced a new game titled Maglam Lord on Tuesday. The game will ship this winter in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and Switch.

The main visual shows the selectable male and female versions of the game's protagonist, Kilrizark (Romanization not official). Ryūichi Kijima voices the male version of the character, and Akari Kitō voices the female version.

Summon Night series writer Kei Miyakozuki is in charge of world setting and scenario for the game, with lack (Clear World) as character designer and illustrator. Chiaki Fujita (Sing Like Talking) will perform the main theme song. Puresound is handling the sound design for the game.

D3 Publisher describes the game as a "magic sword creation action RPG" in which players play an evil demon lord who has awoken after a long slumber. Players go on a journey with companions to craft magic swords, defeat adventurers, and thwart heroes, all in an effort to regain their lost power.

Source: Maglam Lord's official website

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-09-09/d3-publisher-felistella-reveal-maglam-lord-ps4-switch-action-rpg/.163814


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