Deck of Ashes is a fresh, new rougelike deckbuilder you shouldn’t miss

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After more than a year in Early Access, Deck of Ashes is receiving its full release from developer AYGames on June 9. The full release costs just $19.99 and adds onto the existing Early Access content with improvements, new features, a new main character with his own campaign, three new card archetypes and an Epilogue to wrap up the story.

This new rougelike deckbuilder has received very positive reviews in Early Access, and with the official launch of the Day 1 Edition, anyone who buys the game during the first two weeks on Steam will get a special content pack including a digital artbook, HD wallpapers, and all existing skins for the main characters, plus a thank you letter from the dev team.

For those unfamiliar with Deck of Ashes, it is a roguelite in a similar vein to Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon. In this game, you’ll follow any one of several antiheroes on a journey for redemption. You’ll play through the campaigns of each character, following their stories as you explore the procedurally generated game world and its various biomes. The full release adds an additional campaign for the new character Magnus, the Ugly Jester.

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Throughout the game, you’ll find new cards to build out your card deck. You’ll use these cards to combat the many enemies and hellish creatures you’ll encounter across the map. As with other tactical card games, your success will come down to how well you’ve built your deck, and how well you play the cards you’re dealt. If you fail, the rogue-lite nature of the game spells permanent death for each character. So, you’ll want to be up for the challenge.

While you battle, you can enjoy the hand-drawn art style of your characters, the enemies you encounter, and the eerie environments you’ll find yourself in. Characters are even animated, lending the game a bit more lively feel. You can find out much more about the game by checking out AYGames’ Developer’s Diaries Part 1.

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Though the game is now in full-release, that’s not to say there isn’t more content to come. You can find the Deck of Ashes on Steam here, where you can get the Day 1 

Edition until June 23, but there’s one more way you can get involved with the game. Right now, AYGames is having a creative Design-a-Miniboss contest that will allow fans of the game to contribute a character design that could find its way into the game. Participants can also win hand-painted Genetrix figurines, bringing a bit of the game world into the real world. You can find out more about the contest by joining the Deck of Ashes Discord channel

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