Destiny 2’s Gambit Prime and The Reckoning modes will soon be more rewarding

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Destiny 2's upcoming 2.2.1 update will increase the drop rate of weapons in The Reckoning, the not-quite-horde mode that pits players against the Taken in a timed PvE event with persistent modifiers. Bungie will also be adding most of the weapons to the Gambit Prime loot pool to make it easier for players to pick up those hard-to-get Season of the Drifter weapons. 

"Most weapons will have a chance to drop at the end of Gambit Prime matches. Your drop chance will also increase in both Gambit Prime and the Reckoning every match you don’t get a weapon to prevent long droughts without a drop," community manager Chris "Cozmo" Shannon wrote. "Eventually, you will be guaranteed a drop. Gnawing Hunger, Just In Case, and Doomsday will remain as exclusive drops in the Reckoning." 

Diluting the Gambit Prime and Reckoning loot pools isn't a universally popular idea—check out this Reddit thread for some discussion on that—but overall, as our in-house Destiny man put it, "The guns were cool but obnoxiously hard to get, so this is a good decision." And just in case you were concerned by the timing of the announcement, DeeJ has reassurances.

Reckoning drop rates aren't the only ones getting a boost: Cozmo offered a preview of other drop rate increases in the most recent This Week At Bungie post (which actually went up last week). Ghost, ship, and Sparrow cosmetics for Dreaming City have "doubled, tripled, or more for their respective activities," while cosmetics for the Last Wish raid have "doubled, tripled, or more for their respective checkpoints." The One Thousand Voices exotic fusion rifle will still be rare but should drop a little more often after the update, and the Cayde's Stash, Dreaming City, and Tangled Shore lore books will drop at a higher rate as well. 

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