Destiny Connect Game Launches in West in Fall 2019

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NIS America's NISA Showcase 2019 presentation revealed a promotional video for Nippon Ichi Software's Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers Destiny Connect game on Monday. The company announced that the game will launch in North America and Europe physically and digitally for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in fall 2019.

The limited edition of the game will bundle a hardcover art book, soundtrack CD. Slammer coin, flippable COGS set, and poster for US$64.99.

The game's release date in Japan was delayed from February 28 to March 14 to improve the game's quality.

The game's protagonist is a 10-year-old girl named Shari, who is seeking to uncover the mystery of a crisis that is infecting her home town of Clocknee. In the year 2000, she is watching the New Year's fireworks with her mother when all the people in town mysteriously freeze and strange machines take their places. Shari teams up with a robot named Isaac and her friend Pegureo to use time travel to fight against the menace. The work will have a theme of tying generations together.

The game will have full 3D graphics and turn-based combat. Shari and her allies will be able to learn a variety of skills for battle, and the robot Isaac will be customizable using "gear" items.

Yoshihiko Toda is directing the game, and Jun Yokota of SYUPRO-DX is writing the scenario.

Sources: NISA Showcase 2019 livestream, NIS America's website

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