Devolver Digital plan another E3 anti-conference

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For the last two years indie publisher Devolver Digital have been presenting their own conference during but outside of E3. It's been a highlight, with host Nina Struthers (their fictional "chief synergy officer") shouting buzzwords and parodying the awkward intensity unique to these events. Sometimes they even show games, with trailers for My Friend Pedro, Metal Wolf Chaos, and Scum appearing last year.

Devolver have announced via Twitter that they and presumably Nina will be back for E3 in 2019. The tweet features a gif of the Robocop homage that ended last year's effort, which suggests that a cybernetically enhanced version of their shouty executive will return. The Devolver Digital Cinematic Universe is starting to get complicated.

Whether or not we see anything new of Devolver's upcoming games like Eitr or The Talos Principle 2, it's bound to be entertaining. It'll be on Sunday, June 9, at 7pm PST. 

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