Don’t call her ‘Tita,’ unless . . .

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Cherie Gil

Actress Cherie Gil, who, in the “Actors’ Etiquette” viral post she recently uploaded on Facebook warned new actors to never call her “Tita” unless they properly introduce themselves to her, has explained why she goes by the name “Cherie Gil.”

“It’s my nickname. My real name is Evangeline Rose Eigenmann,” the award-winning actress pointed out. “I also don’t know why [I was called Cherie], but I had to explain this to a lot of my friends many times over the years.

“Gil is my mom’s (Rosemarie) last name. At the time I was starting, people thought Eigenmann was too long, and so was Evangeline Rose. I don’t really mind. I also vibrate with the name Cherie. I’m used to it already.

“What I mind is having to correct people who pronounce it as ‘Cherry!’ Naiinis ako! I’ve been in this business for a long time. I hope dumating din ang panahon na matutunan din ’yon ng buong madla.” —MARINEL R. CRUZ

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