Drone Strike Force looks like Call of Duty multiplayer, but with drones

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"A glimpse into the possible future of warfare, Drone Strike Force is set in a world where power has shifted from countries to corporations," reads producer Odisi Games' description of its new multiplayer shooter, announced today. "Weaponized drones are used to further their interests by force, and now the skies rage with rival teams gunning for supremacy."

I'd say that's less a "glimpse into the future" and more "right now, in the present," except for the part where the same kind of drones people use to shoot snowboarding videos are flying around ruins blowing each other up. That looks more like fun remote-controlled dogfighting than war, as I'm not sure what close-quarters drone v drone combat over an abandoned city would accomplish. But that's not important here.

Drone Strike Force will include "a number of unique drones," as well as "weapons, perks and abilities" that can be combined in customizable loadouts. You can see a bit of gameplay in the announcement trailer above—it looks very much like it could be titled Call of Duty: Drone Warfare, which is not a bad thing. 

NGD Studios, creator of 2016's Master of Orion, is developing Drone Strike Force, which is "expected to" release later this year in early access. Prior to that, a PC beta is happening on March 15. You can sign up for that on the official site

And here are a couple screenshots: 

Source From:https://www.pcgamer.com/drone-strike-force-looks-like-call-of-duty-but-with-drones/


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