Drug Cartel Made a Mistake of Sending its Meth to Ford Dealerships

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Perhaps they were sampling their drug ‘merchandise’ when they did it; whatever the case, we’re sure it’s a mistake that won’t surely make the meth drug dealers ‘high’ with euphoria.

MSN.com reported that a Mexican drug cartel has mistakenly shipped one of its illegal methamphetamine packages not to a drug dealer–but a Ford dealership. Make it Ford dealers, since its “merchandise” actually went to 13 Ford dealerships all across Eastern Canada.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, four Ford dealerships were able to discover the meth packages in the spare tires of their Ford Fusion sedans. And among the 14 vehicles inspected at the 13 Ford dealerships, nine of them contained meth. There were also six vehicles on a second rail car that contained meth.

The police estimated that a total of 180 kilograms (or 400 lbs) of meth drugs valued to be around USD4.5 million were confiscated.

“Biggest Threat”

MSN reported that drug smuggling is a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. According to Washington Examiner, cross-border smuggling is the greatest threat at the US-Canada international boundary.

The site also added that cocaine and methamphetamine are the most common drugs smuggled from Mexico through the U.S. and into Canada. Meanwhile, smaller quantities of fentanyl, marijuana, and ecstasy are the most popular drugs “flowing south from Canada into the US”.

Vehicles aren’t the only ones used during smuggling operations. Many syndicates use other means to avoid getting caught.

“To avoid detection by U.S. and Canadian law enforcement, transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) continually adapt their drug production, smuggling methods, and routes. The topography along mountainous parts of the northern border is occasionally exploited by smugglers flying private aircraft at low altitude to evade radar detection, but there are no reports to suggest that the tactic is employed on a large scale,” the report stated.

Source From:https://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/drug-cartel-made-a-mistake-of-sending-its-meth-to-ford-dealerships/


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