Duke Forces, the mod combining Star Wars and Duke Nukem, has been updated

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A few years ago we first told you about Duke Forces, a total conversion mod that takes Duke Nukem 3D and crams a whole heap of Star Wars inspiration into it (specifically, Star Wars: Dark Forces inspiration). It gives Duke a lightsaber, force powers, and even adds the Emperor's floating head to taunt you when you force choke people.

The latest update brings Duke Forces to version 2.10 and adds Gamorrean enemies, upscales sprites that were brought in from Dark Forces (like the stormtroopers), replaces one of the levels with the Shocking Twist map seen in the video above, and improves the Sith enemy's saber animations to enhance duelling. More sprite replacement work has been done, and even the dancers have been replaced with aliens now.

To install Duke Forces you'll need to own Duke Nukem 3D, and download the mod from ModDB. Then extract the dukeforces folder and run EDuke32.exe to start the game.

Thanks, DSOGaming.

Source From:https://www.pcgamer.com/duke-forces-the-mod-combining-star-wars-and-duke-nukem-has-been-updated/


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