Ferrari Realizes La Nuova Dolce Vita Concept with Ferrari Roma

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Ferrari has just released fresh details about its new V8-powered race car, the Ferrari Roma, during an innovative social media campaign. Revealed officially back in November 15, the new car is designed to represent Ferrari’s La Nuova Dolce Vita concept the car is one of the most anticipated recent releases by the Italian Stallion.

The Roma became the star of Ferrari’s photo shoot in many of the iconic locations in Rome, Italy’s capital city, where it enjoyed plenty of attention from onlookers, receiving sighs and gushes as the people expressed their approval for its harmonious proportions and elegantly balanced style that follows in the grand path set by Ferrari’s long-standing tradition of beautiful ponies.

As for the newly divulged information, these include the powertrain with 8-speed dual clutch transmission, the introduction of the five-position manettino switch (installed for the first time in a Ferrari grand tourer), ad a power-to-weight ratio of 2.37 kg/cv, considered as the best in the Roma’s segment.

The 8-speed transmission is 6-kg lighter than its 7-speed predecessor. Not only that, it also helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions through smoother and faster shifts, courtesy of low-viscosity oil and a dry sump configuration to that minimizes fluid-dynamic efficiency losses while making the transmission more responsive to driver input.

The Roma power mill is a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8, which is the same one found in the Portofino, albeit tweaked for more power at 620 hp, compared to the Portofino’s 592 hp. Voted International Engine of the Year for four years in a row, the Roma’s engine enhancement improves its 0-100 kmh acceleration to clock in at 3.4 secs—faster than the Portofinio by 0.1 secs. Speed for the Roma tops off at approximately 320 kmh.

The Roma powertrain also holds some unique attributes including a 5,000 maximum rpm, and an innovative Gasoline Particulate Filter that lets the car comply with Euro 6D anti-pollution standards without hampering driving pleasure.


The Ferrari Roma also makes use the Side Slip Control 6.0 concept, which, according to Ferrari, “incorporates an algorithm that delivers a precise estimate of sideslip to the on-board control systems.”

“The SSC 6.0 integrates systems such as the E-Diff, F1-Trac, SCM-E Frs and Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, the latter debuting in the Race position on the Ferrari Roma,” the Italian sports car maker adds. “The aim of the 5-position manettino – Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race, ESC-Off – is to make the Ferrari Roma’s handling and grip more accessible which, together with the car’s basic mechanical set-up, makes the Roma extremely entertaining to drive.”

No announcement yet on the Roma’s official price or release date, but the car is expected it to cost more than the current Portofino and arrive at showrooms sometime in 2020.

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