Final Fantasy 7-15 are coming to Xbox Game Pass PC

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At X019 in London today, Square Enix showed up to announce a whole boatload of Final Fantasy games are coming to Xbox Game Pass, including Game Pass for PC. Here's the list:

  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Final Fantasy 8
  • Final Fantasy 9
  • Final Fantasy 10
  • Final Fantasy 10-2
  • Final Fantasy 12
  • Final Fantasy 13
  • Final Fantasy 13-2
  • Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns
  • Final Fantasy 15

Phew. That's a lot of Final Fantasy—though all of the above games are available on Steam, they'll now also be playable for a hard-to-beat $5 per month on Game Pass. There are a ton more games coming to Game Pass this year and next—check out our continuously updated game list where we're keeping track of them all.

Sadly, though Square Enix did have some Kingdom Hearts news for console players, there's no sign of Kingdom Hearts 3 making its way to PC.

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