Flight Simulator teases a partnership with online flight network VATSIM

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has teased a partnership with the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, or VATSIM, for the release of the upcoming new edition of the simulator on August 18th. VATSIM is a long-standing institution in the flight simulation community, a nonprofit organization that provides a network where users either fly as pilots or direct air traffic as controllers to produce a simulation of real world air traffic. VATSIM has confirmed that their network will be compatible with Flight Simulator at launch. 

The teaser is beautiful panorama shots of planes, alongside detailed radar screens, as crackling radio chatter from those planes and air traffic controllers plays over the music. It's very much more of the beautiful views you're used to from looking at from this game. Speaking of, you can already preinstall Flight Simulator, and you can get it via Xbox Game Pass if you've got that.

You can learn more about VATSIM on their website. If you're interested, learning how VATSIM works is a process that you can start well before Flight Simulator releases on August 18th. For more on the new Flight Simulator, you can check out everything we know about it. 

Source From:https://www.pcgamer.com/flight-simulator-teases-a-partnership-with-online-flying-network-vatsim/


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