Gempak Starz Licenses Couturier Pemintal Benang Takdir Manga

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Malaysian publisher Gempak Starz announced on Monday that it has licensed Soyoko Igari's Couturière to Akai Ito manga, and will release the manga under the title Couturier Pemintal Benang Takdir.

Gempak Starz describes the manga:

In 1830, a 14-year-old girl named Lottie begins working with Ollivier, Paris' greatest young tailor. Ollivier, while handsome, is a chronic womanizer with a sadistic streak. Despite the troubles that Ollivier causes for her, Lottie tries her best to solve various clients' problems through her skills at sewing. What will happen? Will Lottie survive in the industry under Ollivier?

Igari and Hakusensha published the manga in January 2017.

Source: Gempak Starz Facebook page

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