Genesis Mint Concept Wows at 2019 New York Auto Show

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Genesis–Hyundai’s line of luxury cars–debuted something almost out of this world at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. The Genesis Mint, as it is called, is an electric two-seat city coupe that may be tiny, but packs a wallop.


With no visible grill up front, the car possesses a sloped hatchback look that MINI would be proud of if the iconic British marque ditched the vintage design cues altogether and went full-on futuristic. Overall design looks sleek and ultra-ergonomic–with large rounded windows complemented by massive 21-inch wheels. Though it appears diminutive, it has a deceptively wide berth, only made obvious when the car is viewed from the front and back, thanks to the LED lights that cross the entire length of both the front and rear facades.


But the biggest showstopper is the hinged doors that erupt from the trunk. Instead of the usual hatchback boot, you get two small hatches on each side that flip up and back, serving as the entrance to the vehicle’s cargo hold. Its’ worth noting that this not-so-subtle update has both aesthetic and functional appeal. Just think, you can squeeze your way into a tiny parking space and still get to your stuff.


Inside, the cabin upholds a minimalist style, with plenty of solid surfaces all throughout. A retro-looking rectangular steering wheel flanked by six Jetsons-themed circle interfaces–three on each side–serves as the focal point to the caramel-colored trim. The bench-type seat can swing outward for easier ingress and egress. There are three pedals on the driver floor, suggesting that this car is a manual drive. but there appears to be no stick or paddle shifters, so the third may only be a footrest.


The Genesis Mint concept is advertised as having an all-electric powertrain with a range of 350 kms, and has fast-charging capabilities. Whether or not a production version will drop soon remains to be seen.

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