Go Green with the Kymco Ionex

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Kymco has unveiled its Many EV, one of the many models of its KYMCO Ionex system, marking the beginning of a new era of electric scooters with its innovative vehicle design and open energy platform. This beautifully retro-styled electric scooter is designed for the younger generation of riders who like fashion and retro styling.

As a leading motor brand in the European and Taiwan market, Kymco promises to elevate the riding experience of Filipinos “and become a contributor in helping to cut air pollution.” With the Kymco IONEX, our world becomes greener, to make our cities cleaner, and to make electric a practical reality for consumers worldwide. Kymco is committed to making an impact at the juncture of the most important transformation in recent history.

The Kymco Many EV is the most proactive innovation in the scooter, its battery charging system named IONEX (Intelligent Open Network Electric eXperience), has a credo “never wait” (to charge); in the future Kymco intends to provide charge stations and options that makes it possible to swap empty batteries, to charge batteries in just an hour using a large network of selected public charge locations such as restaurants, cafes, and shops, to charge the scooter using a regular wall socket or to charge the batteries at home using an easy wireless charger.

The Kymco Many EV is a fashionable green energy vehicle. Compared with other e-scooters, the Kymco Many EV is truly a convenient and practical ride. Its retro-styling design of lights such as headlamp, signal light, and taillight not only emphasizes the technology, but it also enhances safety and recognition during riding. The smart energy bay design integrates the scooter’s center of gravity, and makes the scooter easy to operate. The addition of large-capacity storage space makes it easy to store a full-face helmet or three Ionex batteries depending on the demands of the rider. The built-in USB socket in the shutter key and the easy hook under the front edge of the cushion are true in the design.

The Kymco Many EV has a powerful 3,200-watt electric motor. The scooter provides space for five batteries for a maximum range of 200 km.

The Kymco Many EV has a brushless motor that provides a maximum power of 3,200-watts easily, and has a top speed of 60 kph. Furthermore, the vehicle weighs only 87 kgs, making it easy to handle. With consideration to the rider’s individual needs, the Many EV is equipped with a special reverse function, giving the rider the ability to easily move the vehicle in a most convenient way.

There are currently number of different electric vehicle battery systems around the world. However, the Kymco Many EV’s 5-kg removable battery can be swapped in Kymco IONEX energy stations. Kymco has made a contingency plan so the rider still can use the scooter for short distance trips using the core battery design and zero waiting for charging time.

The Kymco ‘Many EV’ which combines smart, green energy and fashionable technology is the most revolutionary 21st century two-wheel vehicle. With the prioritization of convenience and humanity, it will definitely change riders’ movement and style that leads to the development of the global electric motor vehicle.

As a leading motorcycle brand in Europe and Taiwan, Kymco achieved the highest market share for 18 consecutive years in Taiwan market, which has the highest motorcycle density in the world.

After years of research and development, Kymco now presents to the world the revolutionary electric vehicle solution that enables riders to embrace electric without compromise.

The IONEX marks an important milestone in the global development of two-wheel electric vehicle market.

For more information about Kymco motorcycles, visit www.kymco.com.ph and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KymcoPhilippinesOfficial.

Source From:https://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/go-green-with-the-kymco-ionex/


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