Grab, PNP-HPG partners anew to ensure road safety during Holiday season

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In preparation for the approaching holiday season, Grab Philippines and the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group once again teamed up to ensure Metro Manila’s roads will be safer for motorists and the riding public.

Grab and PNP-HPG commit to double down on road safety through meaningful safety initiatives such as road-safety assistance training and equipping road law enforcers with safety kits.

“With these initiatives through our enduring partnership with the PNP-HPG, we aim to use our technology and partnership for good to keep our thoroughfares safe, less vulnerable, and accident-free this holidays,” Grab Philippines President Brian Cu said.

Grab has started a series of first aid training for 100 HPG officers, a continued effort from Grab to equip all those on the road with the proper knowledge and skills to handle any accidents and emergencies that could come up. Grab has also provided training to the PNP-HPG on motor vehicle engine problem troubleshooting. This training will enable HPG officers to quickly rectify automotive issues that may cause traffic jams or possibly cause harm to the passengers and surrounding vehicles.

Grab has also complimented the training with dozens of fully-kitted professional first aid kits,  and high-quality car jumpers ready for troubleshooting any type of vehicle that may bog down along thoroughfares during the holiday rush.

“With these two training programs, we are more confident that our police, especially the Highway Patrol Group, are well-equipped to address any untoward incidents on the road this holiday season,” Cu added.

Grab and PNP-HPG shares a long-standing relationship, anchored to a common goal — to make roads safer every day for motorists and the riding public.

Grab has shared its platform and tech leadership to the PNP-HPG to protect and preserve the welfare of the Filipino. Initiatives such as the Driver Academy, Safer Everyday campaign, and joint programs and activities like the Road Safety seminars and Shooting Simulator all make up the enduring partnership between Grab and PNP-HPG.

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