‘Gumising ako, hindi na ako makahinga’ : Bongbong Marcos recounts fight vs COVID-19

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MANILA – Former Sen. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Thursday said that he is "starting to recover" from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), quelling rumors that he has died from the global pandemic.

Marcos described himself as a "COVID survivor," but did not mention if he has taken mandatory tests to confirm if he has fully recovered from the disease.

The former senator instead thanked doctors and health workers in his video message, saying he could have died if not for their "good work."


"I still am one of the lucky ones because of the good work ng ating mga doktor, ng ating mga nurse, ng ating mga med tech dahil nasa high-risk na ako e," Marcos said.

The lawmaker said he thinks he caught the virus in Spain, where he and his wife attended a relative's wedding.

"Palagay ko doon ko nakuha. Habang nandoon ako, nalaman namin na ila-lockdown ang Maynila kaya kaming mag-asawa cut short our trip, takbo na kami dito sa Maynila," he said.

(I think I got it there. While I was there, we learned that Manila will be placed on a lockdown so my wife and I cut short our trip and flew back to Manila.)

Doctors advised Marcos to undergo hospital tests, but the former lawmaker decided to go home after seeing that emergency rooms were packed.

"Pumunta ako sa ospital para magpatest e hindi masyadong handa pa yung DOH, hindi pa masyadong handa 'yung nasa ospital. Ang haba pa ng pila, ang daming nag-aantay," he said.

(I went to the hospital to undergo some tests but it seems that the DOH and the hospital were not yet prepared. There were also long queues and a lot of people were waiting.)

"E kako siguro kaya ko pa naman ito so umuwi na lang ako. After a while may naramdaman ako, sabi ko, 'Kaya ko naman gamutin ito, flu lang naman ito,'" he said.

(So I thought that I better go home since I could still handle it. After a while, I felt some discomfort, but I told myself that I can cure it at home since it was just a flu.)

After about a week of nursing COVID-19 symptoms at home, Marcos had to be rushed to the hospital.

"Gumising ako hindi na talaga ako makahinga. Tinakbo na ako sa emergency room. Binigyan ako ng oxygen. Kung ano-ano ang sinaksak sa'kin," he said.

Marcos said he was not required to be confined at the hospital and was eventually discharged from the emergency room.

"Hindi naman ako ilalagay sa kuwarto, uwi na ako basta magdala ako ng oxygen at iinumin ko na lang 'yung gamot na bigay sa akin," he said.

(Since I was not confined, I went home with an oxygen tank and assured doctors that I would take all the medicine they prescribed.)

"Mula noon hindi na ako lumabas sa kuwartong ito. Mag-iisang buwan na ako sa kuwartong ito puwera nung pagpunta ko sa ER," he said.

(Since then I never left this room. I've been here for nearly a month, except for the time when I was brought to the ER.)

Marcos urged the government and the public to provide all the requests of medical frontliners because they are the "heroes" of the global pandemic.

"Alam nila ang risk. May namamatay na nga sa kanila. Talagang hero sila," he said.

(They know the risk. Some of them have died. They are the real heroes.)

"We owe a lot to our frontliners kaya kung ano sabihin satin ng frontliners na pangangailangan nila, dapat ibigay natin," he said.

(We owe a lot to our frontliners so whatever they ask from us, we should give it to them.)

Marcos ended his video by reminding the public not to underestimate the highly-contagious disease.

"I'm feeling better. I'm starting to recover [but] I did not realize how bad this COVID was until I got it," he said.


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