Here’s How You Can Earn Money Even While Stuck in Traffic

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We know the drill–we wake up very early in the morning just so we don’t get stuck in traffic. Still, we find ourselves bumper-to-bumper with another vehicle, all the while wasting time doing nothing, except perhaps to play Candy Crush or Mobile Legends, or watch re-runs of Stairway to Heaven on the person’s phone sitting next beside you.

That will be a thing of the past, thanks to Jojo, a mobile app that allows you to earn money even while stuck in traffic.

According to, Jojo app is a new concept that would connect senders to transporters who are already heading towards the direction of the package to be delivered.

“For example, I’m an online seller and I’m based in Quezon City and then I have a package that needs to be shipped to Makati. With traditional shipping, I would have to go to the drop-off center or wait for the courier to arrive to my place and then the package gets shipped in around two to three days,” explained Jojo app’s marketing manager Eunice San Miguel during Tuesday’s media launch.

“With Jojo, we would connect you and match you instantly with the transporter who’s already heading to Makati, so its essence is isasabay niya ‘yung package they already have to a place na pupuntahan niya na talaga,” she added.

How it works

You can choose to be a transporter and earn extra income simply by downloading the Jojo app and creating an account.

You are also required to choose which mode of transportation (motorcyle, car, or van) you prefer when delivering a package.

“If you can actually convert these commuters into transporters, you [create] millions of entrepreneurs, millions of transporters that have their own side gig and they can now turn a negative into a positive,” Fajardo said. “So the time wasted is now time spent earning a livelihood.”

“Win-Win Situtation”

This new concept creates a ‘win-win situation’ for both sender and transporter, since the one carrying the package gets to earn extra money while they’re heading to their destination.

This also lessens the need to add another vehicle on the road, lessening carbon emissions and air pollution.

“It’s a sustainable way to ship because you are already using people who are going there, anyway. So are we adding more vehicles (on) the road, are we adding more feet (on) the road? No. So in that way we are able to minimize our carbon footprint,” San Miguel noted.

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