Hot damn, Hitman 2’s 2019 roadmap promises a new level set in a bank

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Bank levels are always a good idea. Just ask GTA 4, 5 or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Today, as IO Interactive revealed the roadmap for its Hitman 2 content coming later this year, it revealed the two new locations coming to the game as part of the more expensive Silver and Gold editions of the game: The Bank and The Resort. Nothing more is said about them, but a bank level has to have an option to stage a heist, right?

The Bank is scheduled to arrive this summer, while The Resort is arriving during the Fall. Also coming this summer are freebies for all Hitman 2 players: a flamingo costume, a new pistol, and new themes for two of the game's existing locations. Ghost Mode, Hitman 2's multiplayer component, will also be added to Santa Fortuna. Gold and Silver players, meanwhile, get a new sniper map—a side of the game I'm admittedly not that familiar with.

In the fall, meanwhile, a new prison-themed sniper map will be added to the game for Gold and Silver players. Free players get a new outfit, an antique knife, Ghost Mode for Mumbai, and a couple of new themes. 

For most players, I imagine the two new locations will be the centrepiece of all of this—I can't wait to see what IO has been up to since Hitman 2 launched last year. We named it our best stealth game of last year, and I think it's the game I played and enjoyed most last year, other than maybe Into the Breach. 

To end, then, here's a crisp image that details everything coming to Hitman 2 this year, which a notice cautions is subject to change:

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