How to start Destiny 2’s secret quest for the Outbreak Perfected exotic weapon

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Another day, another byzantine Destiny 2 exotic quest. This time, it's pulse rifle we're after, and it takes as many mysterious steps as you'd imagine to obtain. Don't worry, we'll make it easy on you. To kick off the secret scavenger hunt leading to the Outbreak Perfected exotic weapon (which we'll refrain from detailing here while it's still a fresh mystery) head to Titan first. 

Begin the Titan Heroic Adventure, Bad Neighbors

Once you encounter the first room with the shrieker (those floating hive enemies that spit out a barrage of purple lasers) rather than head straight through into the next room, turn left and open the door. If you can't open the door, there are some prerequisites players are still untangling. It also might just be a bug.

Turn left directly after passing through the door at the back of this room. 

Once you're in the hidden room, examine the Fallen device on the desk to pick up the Fallen Transponder. It's pretty difficult to miss.

Finish up the quest and head back to orbit.

Find the nodes

Next you'll need to hunt down nodes that correspond to the areas hinted at in each branch of the Fallen Transponder, which are located on the EDZ and Nessus. 

This bit has already been puzzled out by the community, so head to this collaborative /r/DestinyTheGame guide to see exactly where to find each node. 

Return to the farm

Don't worry, I forgot it exists too. Once you've found every node, fly to the farm and head to the basement of the main building. There, you'll find a new mission called The Old Tower.

Be warned, it's a level 690 mission, so you'll need some skilled, high-level friends to make a dent in it. Once you finish, you'll get what you came for: the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle.

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