How to watch League of Legends’ 10th anniversary livestream tonight

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This evening Riot Games will be hosting a very special edition of its 'Riot Pls' livestream in honor of League of Legends' tenth anniversary, which kicks off today. The one-hour show, which you can watch on Twitch, will be chance for Riot to reflect on the past ten years of LoL but the developer is also rumored to be revealing some entirely new games in addition to a special look at what's to come in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics later this year.

Though the big show is happening later tonight, the whole day will be a big event that you might want to check out, so here's the full schedule.

League of Legends' 10th anniversary event livestream

The League of Legends' tenth anniversary event is a whole day event that you can tune into watch by going to Riot's official Twitch page or on Youtube.

The event is a full-day celebration, part of which will be broadcast to those two platforms. Here's the full schedule:

  • 10 AM PT– Rioters worldwide kick off a day of celebrating with you – in game and across digital platforms.
  • 2:30 PM PT – League and TFT showmatches airing live Twitch and YouTube
  • 5:30 PM PT – League 10-Year Celebration pre-show hosted by Dash
  • 6 PM PT – Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition

If you can't or don't want to watch the whole event, the big thing to tune in for is happening at 6 PM PT when the special anniversary edition of Riot Pls begins. That's where Riot developers will be revealing all the exciting bits of info about what's to come later this year.

What can I expect during the Riot Pls?

That's a good question that we don't have a complete answer to. Riot has said the one-hour show will touch on LoL's past, present, and future and will offer some insight into the changes coming later this year. In particular, Riot has already released a rough outline of their goals for 2020, which hints at more variety coming to the main map of Summoner's Rift possibly through Elemental Drakes having a greater effect on the match in some capacity.

There has also been some juicy rumors leading up to the show. Esports consultant Rod Breslau says both a card game and an animated series set in the world of LoL are rumored to be announced. But we'll have to wait until later tonight to know for sure.

Whatever is announced, it's an exciting time for League of Legends. The World Championships has just entered its Group Stage, where 16 teams from around the world are competing for what's expected to be a $2 million grand prize. But aside from the addition of new champs like Qiyana, League of Legends meta is due for an exciting refresh—and I'm expecting Riot to deliver.

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