Iya Villania looks after Primo diagnosed with HFMD, advises parents to be mindful

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After discovering that baby Primo contracted hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), concerned celebrity mother Iya Villania advised parents to be extra mindful of their children.

“[Please] make sure your kids are well and healthy when they play in enclosed play areas,” the TV personality said in a video on Instagram Stories yesterday, July 7.

“Not just for the sake of the other kids in there but also for your own child,” she added.

Villania broke the news of Primo having HMFD by posting a separate photo on Instagram Stories last Saturday, July 6.

“Prayers please for Team A as kuya Primo has HFMD,” she stated.

Iya Villania

Image: instagram/@iyavillania

“Happy that he’s still in high spirits but I’m hoping the rashes don’t get too bad. Doc says they multiply as days go by. So, hopefully he doesn’t get hit too hard ‘coz the ones that have already shown up look so sore,”

In another update via Instagram Stories yesterday, Villania showed a happy and hyper Primo despite the disease.

She also poked fun at the situation by sharing a photo of herself covered in a jacket and using a mouth cover, calling it her “lab gown” when she’s with Primo.

Iya Villania

Image: instagram/@iyavillania

HFMD is a common infectious disease that occurs most often in children, as per the World Health Organization. Its symptoms include sores, inside or around the mouth, and rashes or blisters on the hands, feet, legs or buttocks. JB

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