Kazu Inabe, Yuu Kuraishi, Kuu Tanaka’s Denjin N Manga Ends

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Kazu Inabe, Yuu Kuraishi, and Kuu Tanaka's Denjin N (Electric Man N) manga ended with its 37th chapter in Kodansha's Comic Days app on Monday.

The psychological thriller centers on the miserable convenience store worker Tadahiro, whose only solace is watching idol VR videos. He dropped out of high school due to his unhappy family environment. His part-time employer also treats him poorly, and he retreats to screens where the idol Kanzaki soothes him. One day, Tadahiro gets in a fight with his heavily drunk mother, and this body undergoes an unthinkable and bizarre transformation after a certain incident.

The series launched in the app in April 2019. Inabe draws the manga, Kuraishi provides the story, and Tanaka is credited for the original work. Kodansha published the third compiled book volume on May 13.

Kodansha Comics publishes Inabe and Kuraishi's Fort of Apocalypse digitally in English, and Crunchyroll previously offered simultaneous chapter releases. Kodansha Comics also publishes Inabe and Kuraishi's Starving Anonymous digitally. Additionally, Kodansha Comics publishes Kuraishi and Keishi Nishikida's My Wife is Wagatsuma-san manga digitally.

Tanaka's The Vertical World (Tate no Sekai) manga launched on Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ website in January 2019 and ended in November.

Sources: Yuu Kuraishi's Twitter account, Comic Days

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-09-07/kazu-inabe-yuu-kuraishi-kuu-tanaka-denjin-n-manga-ends/.163776


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