Kia Asamiya Draws New 1-Shot to Celebrate 30 Years of His Studio

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The September issue of Shonengahosha's Young King Ours magazine revealed last Thursday that Kia Asamiya will draw a new one-shot manga in the magazine's next issue in August. The one-shot manga celebrates the 30th anniversary of Asamiya's Studio TRON manga studio, and also commemorates the studio's change of name to Lab Garnier.

The magazine's next issue will also publish two chapters of Asamiya's ongoing Speope!! (Space Opera!!) manga. Asamiya launched the manga in Young King Ours in March 2019.

Asamiya created the Silent Möbius, Steam Detectives, Compiler, and Junk: Record of the Last Hero manga, among others. He provided character designs for the Martian Successor Nadesico anime (which he later adapted into the Nadesico manga), adapted the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace film into a manga, and wrote and drew the Batman: The Child of Dreams comic. Many of his manga have been adapted into anime.

Viz Media published his Silent Möbius and Steam Detectives manga in North America, while CPM Manga published Nadesico, and DrMaster published Junk: Record of the Last Hero. Manga Planet recently licensed Silent Möbius. <!–Udon Entertainment announced in 2009 that it planned to republish the original manga Silent Möbius as it was published in Japan, including the later Silent Möbius Tales and Möbius Klein volumes, but the company has since only published the first four volumes of the original manga.–>

Sources: Young King Ours September issue, Kia Asamiya's Twitter account

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