Kodansha’s Comic Days Website Launches Hop Step Sing! Manga in English

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Kodansha's "Comic Days" manga website launched Rei Kodama and Yui Asube's Hop Step Sing! manga in both English and Japanese on Thursday.

Kodansha describes the manga:

The original Virtual Reality Idol is comicalized for the first time. Niina Nijikawa is a high school freshman who loves to sing. Contrary to her love, she is not good at singing in front of the audience, therefore her stage is usually on the school rooftop. However, she reached a great turning point. Niina can sing in freedom, her classmate, Shikiri invited Niina to go Karaoke with her. In the room smaller than the rooftop stage, what is waiting for Niina.

The manga's next chapter will debut on August 1. The manga is the first series that the Comic Days website is publishing in English. Comic Days is also available as an app for iOS and Android.

Hop Step Sing is a VR idol group project that Kodansha launched in 2017. tanu (Tari Tari, Flip Flappers) designed the characters, and Polygon Pictures created the 3D world for the project. Composer Yashikin composes the music for the group. Maria Sashide, Mariko Toribe, and Natsumi Hioka provide the singing talents to the group. The group's singles are available on Steam.

Thanks to Kim P for the news tip.

Sources: Comic Days, PR Times

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-07-12/kodansha-comic-days-website-launches-hop-step-sing-manga-in-english/.148938


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