Kujakuoh Manga Creator Makoto Ogino Passes Away at 59

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The official website for Shueisha's Young Jump magazine revealed on Friday that manga creator Makoto Ogino passed away on April 29 due to renal failure. He was 59.

Ogino was born in Gifu prefecture in 1959, and he made his debut as a manga creator in Young Jump with Kujakuoh in 1985. Since then he serialized the Kujakuoh: Taimaseiden, Yashagarasu, ALGO!, Child, The Gun Spirit (Kenjuushin), and the Kujakuoh: Magarigamiki manga in the magazine.

Kujakuoh inspired a three-episode OVA in 1988-1991, and a two-episode sequel OVA in 1994. Central Park Media released the two sets of OVAs under the title Spirit Warrior on DVD in 2004. The manga also inspired a live-action film in 1988.

Ogino was serializing two more manga in the Kujakuoh franchise, titled Kujakuoh: Sengoku Tensei and Kujakuoh Rising. Both manga are unfinished.

Ogino's family held a private funeral for him on Wednesday.

Source: Young Jump

Source From:https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-05-10/kujakuoh-manga-creator-makoto-ogino-passes-away-at-59/.146577


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