Kylie Padilla handles anxiety by ‘choosing to sit still, breathe, listen’

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Kylie Padilla recently bared her experiences with anxiety and how she handles it, in hopes of helping those who face similar struggles.

“Hope it helps some people. You guys got this,” the actress said on Instagram yesterday, June 30.

“I used to be a slave to my anxiety, with my constant state of living in fear,” she said. “Fear of not being in control, fear of failing, fear of people, fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of being disliked, fear of being abandoned, fear of feeling inferior plus the fears that cloud my mind in every moment.”

Padilla revealed that it is easier for her to create personalities that could deal with the struggles with anxiety while she is working, for her to carry out the tasks needed for her job.

“So I tailored myself to the [molds] of what other people thought of me, what I thought of myself. Versions of me that I do not regret getting to know, I learned how not to be what I don’t want to be,” she said.

She also shed light on how it feels to deal with her anxious feelings on her own.

“When I do decide to just sit with myself, the resistance is sometimes terrifying. The voices of doubt get so loud, sometimes there is no way to break it unless you have someone to hold and comfort you.”

Padilla has never opened up about her experience with the mental illness before, but has felt that she has triumphed over it in recent days.

The actress shared how she handles panic attacks: “I choose to sit still and breathe. I sit and I listen to everything and everyone around me. Finding things I could admire, finding better ways to understand others not just myself and appreciating every moment that came to me.”

She has also come to the realization that everything depends on her reaction, and that it is important to let go of negativity and instead being “someone’s blessing.” Padilla acknowledges that living with anxiety is not easy. She advised her fans and followers, who may have similar battles with anxiety, to take care of themselves and be patient with themselves.

Addressing fellow sufferers of anxiety, she said, “Your silent triumphs are precious milestones. I celebrate them with you.” JB

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