Kyoto Animation’s 2nd Baja no Studio Event Anime Previewed in Video

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Kyoto Animation began streaming a promotional video on Monday for the new anime project based on its mascot character Baja. The new anime is titled Baja no Studio: Baja no Mita Umi (Baja's Studio: The Sea Baja Sees).

The new animation will be included in a Blu-ray Disc that the studio is offering to those who pre-order tickets for its upcoming "We're Here Now!!: It's the First Festival in Two Years" fan event with Animation DO. Kyoto Animation will also offer the Blu-ray Disc for sale separately at a later date.

The event will take place over separate weekends. The first event is titled "Presenting! Various Aspects of KyoAni & Do" and is set for November 3-4 at Miyakomesse in Kyoto. The next event is "Sound! From Kyoto to the World" and is set for November 9-10 at ROHM Theater Kyoto.

Kyoto Animation previously produced the "Baja no Studio" (Baja's Studio) anime project (seen below) for the character. As with the new project, it was included on a Blu-ray Disc bundled with tickets to Kyoto Animation and Animation DO's fan event in 2017.

In addition to the Blu-ray Disc, the pre-order tickets will also include a commentary book with staff commentary on Kyoto Animation and Animation DO's works from 2017 to 2019, a work book with original illustrations and select production materials from works from 2017 to 2019, and a booklet of production materials for the Baja anime.

Source: Kyoto Animation's YouTube channel

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